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This is a distressing time for all family members, and the GHBS will do the best it can to provide advice and make arrangements in a compassionate and sensitive way.

The process of arranging a funeral changed in Scotland on 13th May 2015. The new regulations require that the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD), issued by the Doctor, is taken to the Registrar, and that registration of the death must take place before a funeral can be arranged.

So the first thing you need to do is to arrange to collect the MCCD as soon as possible from a Doctor who has knowledge of the deceased person during their final illness. If death has occurred at home or in community care after 6.30pm on Friday or at the weekend, the MCCD can be requested from the Out-of-Hours Doctor.

At the earliest opportunity, you should contact the Burial Officer, Carolyn Dover (+44 (0)141 577 8226), who provides an on-call service. Please note that the telephone will not be answered during Shabbat or Yom Tov.

Carolyn will:

i) Guide you through obtaining the MCCD if there has been any problem in obtaining it.

ii) Advise you how to contact the Registrar, and on the procedure to request Advance Registration, in the event that the Registrar requests a review of the death. This is a new process which could cause a delay in arranging the funeral.

iii) Contact the Rabbi of the deceased person to confirm his availability. Note if they are not a member of a shul, she will inform you of Ministers who might conduct the funeral service for which they will charge a fee. The minister will provide advice on Shiva and services in the home.

iv) Contact the undertaker to agree the time of the funeral and arrange a limousine(s) for family members to attend the funeral.

v) Contact Glenduffhill to confirm the lair if one has not been reserved.

vi) Arrange Tahara (preparation of the body for burial according to Jewish Law).

vii) Help to answer any questions you may have during this difficult time.

Further information:

If you wish a summary of the new regulations, please see the following ScoJec article: page 4 of

A detailed description of how to obtain the MCCD, how to register the death, and the processes of Medical Review and how to obtain Advance Registration can be found at: