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The information contained in this web site is brought to you following almost a year of work using Excel spreadsheets, some produced in the 1990's, from data transferred from the old registers dating back to the 1930s. As far as we are aware, there have been a few people involved in the early transfer of data to spreadsheets, and to all those anonymous people we are truly grateful.  Also a grateful thanks to those involved in photographing all the headstones, in probably inclement weather at times, and despite many obstacles.  These data were updated to present day along with cross-checking English names, Hebrew names (where possible), English dates, Hebrew dates, dates of death & dates of birth. Also, where possible, to confirm questionable data, death certificates were consulted.

There is no guarantee of 100% accuracy, but I have given it my very 'best shot' and hope the public, relatives and friends will contact the Society with any corrections or omissions. All contact will be held in the strictest confidence and data checked with the necessary research before updates take place. As I went along checking the data, corrections were made where necessary of names, dates etc assuming primarily that the headstone was correct and the register could be wrong.  However it was found that this was not always the case, and approximately 8% of headstones at Glenduffhill were proved to be wrong, 12% have no Hebrew name and less than 2% are unmarked graves.  Other information may be available for individual loved ones on request.

All Graves have their old Reference as well as a new Reference (Row Number and Plot Number) Row 1 starting at the East End and Row 54 at the Sandymount End, Plot Number starting at 1 at the bottom of the Hill rising to the top.

1. "-" in a field is Data which may not be available at all, "$" in a field is Data which may be available in the future.
2. "Next" takes you to the Grave (to the Left) away from the Road end, up the Hill.
3. "Previous" takes you to the Grave (to the Right) towards the Road end, down the Hill.
4. At the last in the Row, "Next" takes you to the first Grave in that same Row.
5. At the first in the Row, "Previous" takes you to the last Grave in that same Row.
6. GPS locations are based on imagery by Google as at 2009, any subsequent Burials/Tombstones will therefore not show.
7. GPS Coordinates for Glenduffhill have been finished until Google Imagery is updated.

Location of graves via GPS coordinates for Riddrie & Sandymount are still ongoing but should be finished in the near future. GPS location is accurate to approximately 0.5 metre.

For any corrections or additions please email

If you are concerned about the condition of a particular Tomb Stone and wish to have it refurbished or repaired, the Society can arrange for this to be carried out by one of the Stonemasons. We will also charge a small administration fee. Please contact the Burial Officer for more details.

We hope you find this facility helpful and if you do, we would kindly ask you to make a donation towards the general upkeep of the grounds and to help in providing Tombstones for the numerous Unmarked Graves.