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Plans are now well advanced for a new memorial garden at Glenduffhill Cemetery, run by Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society. The project has received support from Auld Acquaintances, the charity established by Glasgow ex-pats primarily to promote awareness of the welfare needs of the remaining community and which to date has raised over £55,000 for the welfare organisations who look after our family and friends. In addition, Auld Acquaintances use their Facebook Group with almost 3,000 members across the globe to highlight certain issues in Glasgow and Scotland affecting the Jewish community and the Facebook Group is used by its members to reconnect and reminisce.

Auld Acquaintances support the Glenduffhill Garden Project and the work of the Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society as it resonates with one of their core objectives, which is to use the Facebook Group to raise awareness of legacy issues created partly by ex-pats leaving Glasgow behind, such as ongoing repair and maintenance of the cemeteries and headstones of family members.

The 90 year old Glenduffhill site has been undergoing major restoration over the past 4 years, to bring it up to a standard befitting the 8,000 former members of the Jewish community who chose the cemetery as their final resting place.

As many of you will know, since the cemetery opened in the early 1930s, people have gathered prior to a funeral in the accessway immediately outside the prayer hall which is shared with vehicles and is therefore dangerous.


The plan is to create a professionally designed garden area, to be built at the side of the accessway which will allow mourners to gather in safety in a setting which will encompass year-round colour.

David Links, one of the restoration project’s co-chairmen, was delighted at the support of Auld Acquaintances and being able to inform the members of their Facebook Group, the vast majority of whom live across the globe, of the Glenduffhill initative. He said that up until now the burden of support had, with a few notable exceptions, fallen on those who still live in Glasgow. This project will give the opportunity for those ex-pats with close family in the cemetery to help play their part.

The Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society which owns the cemetery are proposing that the new area will be named “The Auld Acquaintances Garden”.

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Project Co-Chairmen:-
David Links 07836720027
Alan Shenkin 07973838261

20th April 2021